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    GYSS 2018


    What an exciting event GYSS 2018 was - a real privilege, for everyone attending. Relive the greatest moments of the GYSS 2018 week by viewing our highlights video.

    GYSS 2017


    Relive the vibe of GYSS 2017! The 2017 highlights video walks you through the excitement of the opening ceremony, key plenary lectures, panel discussions and small group discussions, mentoring sessions and site visits, as well as the lunchtalks at GYSS this year.

    GYSS 2016



    Experience the buzz and energy of GYSS 2016 with us again! This video highlights the interesting plenary lectures, exciting panel discussions, close mentoring sessions and insightful visits to the Nanyang Technological University and the URA City Gallery by our participants.


    GYSS 2015

    Event Highlights

    GYSS 2014

    Event Highlights

    GYSS 2013

    Event Highlights

  • Infographic

    GYSS 2017 in a snapshot!

    GYSS 2017 Infographic

    Programme highlights, featured speakers, participant profiles over the years.

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